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The History and Tradition of Spring Cleaning

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘spring cleaning’, but do we actually know where the phrase comes from? Why ‘Spring’ cleaning…? Interestingly enough, the concept of Spring Cleaning actually has a rich and long-standing history, spanning numerous continents, cultures and religious influences.

Modern Day Spring Cleaning

Nowadays, spring cleaning is a phrase often used to describe a thorough one-off cleaning of the home, regardless of the season – though often still executed during the Spring time following what can be a gloomy winter, and in anticipation for the summer holidays!

we aim to assist you with your ‘spring cleaning’ (inspired by any traditions, if any at all) by providing a professional spring-cleaning service, at an affordable price. Let’s face it, spring cleaning is almost always viewed as a hassle, and is often required when your time and effort could be best used elsewhere – such as preparing for holidays or guests!

Allow us to take the hassle out of your hands, with quick, efficient and affordable spring-cleaning services, that can be scheduled around your availability, to keep your hands free for other important tasks. Our experienced spring cleaners guarantee a quality clean, and can come equipped with all the top quality products to deliver unbeatable results.


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