We’re driven by innovation, and as a result offer different service lines in United Kingdom
Operating throughout the countries, England, Scotland and Wales, enables the company to use continental knowledge and share best practice.
Our services can be delivered individually or as part of a more complex contract, integrated and customised to give our clients the best solution for their needs.
We offer any or all of the following services, please see individual links for more information.


The History and Tradition of Spring Cleaning

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘spring cleaning’, but do we actually know where the phrase comes from? Why ‘Spring’ cleaning…? Interestingly enough, the concept of Spring Cleaning actually has a rich and long-standing history, spanning numerous continents, cultures and religious influences.

Modern Day Spring Cleaning

Nowadays, spring cleaning is a phrase often used to describe a thorough one-off cleaning of the home, regardless of the season – though often still executed during the Spring time following what can be a gloomy winter, and in anticipation for the summer holidays!

we aim to assist you with your ‘spring cleaning’ (inspired by any traditions, if any at all) by providing a professional spring-cleaning service, at an affordable price. Let’s face it, spring cleaning is almost always viewed as a hassle, and is often required when your time and effort could be best used elsewhere – such as preparing for holidays or guests!

Allow us to take the hassle out of your hands, with quick, efficient and affordable spring-cleaning services, that can be scheduled around your availability, to keep your hands free for other important tasks. Our experienced spring cleaners guarantee a quality clean, and can come equipped with all the top quality products to deliver unbeatable results.


At DEFINITE CLEAN, we offer convenient recurring services on a weekly, biweekly (every 2 weeks) and monthly (every 4 weeks) schedule. Biweekly is by far our most popular service. It is the perfect amount of space between cleanings to help keep the house maintained.

See below our standard guidelines for the cleaning:

Clean all appliances
Clean inside & outside of microwave
Wipe front of cupboards
Wipe table and chairs
Clean kitchen sink, backsplash & counter top
Wash floor
Shake mats & remove waste
Spot wash walls (food marks or sticky fingers)

Dust furniture
Dust pictures & light fixtures within reach
Clean mirrors
Wash floor
Spot wash walls (food marks or sticky fingers)

Dust furniture
Dust pictures & light fixtures within reach
Clean mirrors
Wash floor
Vacuum under couch cushions & chair cushions
Wipe TV screen (optional)
Spot wash walls (food marks or sticky fingers)

Clean sink, tub, shower & counter top
Wipe front of cupboard doors
Clean & disinfect toilet inside/out
Clean mirror & taps
Shake bath mats
Remove waste
Spot wash walls (food marks or sticky fingers)

Wipe outside of washer & dryer
Wipe counter top & cupboard fronts
Clean floor / wash floor
Remove waste
Spot wash walls (food marks or sticky fingers)

Clean floors
Dust pictures & light fixtures within reach
Clean mirrors, dust pictures & light fixtures
Vacuum and/or wash floors
Remove waste
Spot wash walls (food marks or sticky fingers)

Every house and home owner is unique and requires a custom cleaning plan. We will work with you to develop your unique requirements with complete satisfaction.


Your working area is the face of your company. To keep your organization at its best, we provide commercial cleaning services of the highest standards backed by our local experts who understand your unique needs.

Using the latest technologies and procedures, we help provide a clean, healthy environment for you and your employees that is done to your complete satisfaction. Simply put, we care about clean and it shows in our work, our people, our accountability to you, and our commitment to delivering on our word, every day.

Whether your company makes its home in a clinic or school, a small or large office building / retail shop, we deliver professional commercial cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments and keep your building sparkling. Moreover, we have developed a healthcare training and certification program for our local owners for five levels of healthcare cleaning. Our team members are trained to clean in healthcare environments such as medical offices, acute care and ambulatory care facilities. Our standards were developed in recognition of best practices and procedures for the industry as published by OSHA, CDC, AORN, HIPAA, EPA and other regulatory healthcare organizations.

When offices and commercial areas are cleaned continually and regularly, and this is precisely the area in which DEFINITE CLEAN has specialised. Our experienced, well-qualified and conscientious staff enable us to guarantee high-quality cleaning standards, not just once but every time.

You, the customer, determine what clenaing work is to be done as well as how often the clening is carried out.

Routine cleaning includes:

. cleaning textile and non-textile floors, e.g. vacuum cleaning, sweeping, moist and wet wiping and removing small stains
. dusting and wiping surfaces
. cleaning washrooms and toilets
. replacing consumables such as soap or toilet paper
. cleaning furnishings
. emptying wastepaper baskets
. cleaning doors and light fittings
. filling and emptying dishwashers

Are you interested in a customised service package?

We’ll be happy to meet you personally to agree which individual routine cleaning services should be included and at what intervals they should be performed. After taking a close look at your premises, we’ll prepare a competitive quotation tailored to your individual requirements.


Tenancy coming to an end or moving into a new house? Everything is a mess? Don’t panic, with DEFINITE CLEAN you needn’t worry about cleaning to keep your deposit, as we will take care of everything, and probably do a better job than you could ever hope to achieve. We will clean every nook and cranny of the house you’re moving from and complete it within a day, pre or post tenancy!

Your end of tenancy / moving in cleaning will be tackled by a skilled mobile team, who have the most effective methods to get a house to tip top shape, and all the necessary products, equipment and tools in place, so you don’t have to get anything ready. The mobile team are dedicated to their job, and will have the best tools to see the job through.

We know the checks that take place when it comes to moving out and have a checklist which is in line with what estate agencies and landlords expect when they come to inspect. Our cleaners stick to the requirements for inventory checkouts, and we guarantee you that nothing will be missed. Our list is up to date with the cleanliness standards expected by major London letting agents.

Efficiency is key to our work, and each step of the cleaning process is done with the upmost care. If anything is amiss in our cleaning, we will re-work for free, as customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us and our insured service.

Bathrooms, paintwork, woodwork, kitchen appliances, windows from inside are just some of the things within the house we’ll clean, and our check list below details the whole end of tenancy cleaning we include.

Wash and polish all work surfaces.
Clean inside all cupboards and drawers. Remove all old food stuffs, carrier bags etc. and dispose.
Clean sink and taps and remove lime scale and polish where required.
Wall tiles to be degreased, cleaned and polished.
Clean oven internally to remove all built up grease as well as clean exterior and polish any external chrome.
Clean and remove grime from extractor.
Clean fridge / freezer removing all grime, mildew and food deposits.
Clean washing machine inside and out. Clean rubber at the door. Clean soap drawers.
Clean dishwasher inside and out (if any).
Clean exterior of all appliances including kettle, toaster. Clean microwave inside and out.
Bins to be cleaned inside and out.

Shower screen de-scaled, cleaned and polished.
Wall tiles degreased, cleaned and polished.
Bath, basin, taps, shower and fittings to be cleaned, de-scaled, dried and polished.
Toilet to be de-scaled, and brushed clean. Seat to be cleaned and disinfected.
All soap and shampoo etc. to be removed.
Mirrors to be cleaned and polished.
Floors to be washed and polished. If carpet, floor to be hovered.

Dusting throughout, including: light fittings and shades, light switches, skirting, curtain rails, wall pictures, mirrors, fire surround and radiators.
All furniture to be moved and carpets to be vacuum cleaned. Dust skirting boards behind furniture.
Mattresses to be lifted and vacuumed under.
Remove cobwebs.
All other floors to be washed.
All glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc) to be cleaned with window cleaner.
Windows to be cleaned internally. Windows sills to be wiped down.
All doors and top of doors to be cleaned. Door handles to be polished.
Drawers and shelves to be cleared of any rubbish (newspapers and magazines etc.) and telephone directories to be kept and stored neatly.
Upholstery vacuumed, also cushions lifted and cleaned underneath.
All wooden furniture to be carefully wiped clear of dust.
All bedroom furniture /storage units should be clean inside and out.


After expending so much effort to build or remodel your home or office, it only makes sense to move into a space that shines. DEFINITE CLEAN after construction Clean-up Crew includes trained experts who will make this difficult job absolutely turnkey. Each team is specifically hand-selected to meet your needs, and provides the following services:

Vacuuming and dusting of all surfaces and upholstery, from ceilings and walls to floors
Cleaning the tops of doors, door knobs, hardware, moldings
Complete disinfection of kitchens and bathrooms
Gentle cleaning of floors, baseboards, cabinets, counters, light fixtures, appliances
All glass, stone, and metal surfaces gently cleaned
Dust removal from blinds, ceiling pipes/fans, air ducts, vents, light fixtures
Window cleaning, including sills, window frames, and glass
Desk and cabinet cleaning (for offices)
HEPA filter vacuums and air machines provided for maximum dust removal

After our intensive After construction cleaning is complete, you will be ready to unpack in a clean, dust-free environment.


DEFINITE CLEAN can be your number one choice for carpet cleaning. We also handle rugs and upholstery. We offer a full range of cleaning services to keep your looking beautiful while giving you the best customer care in the industry.

We provide both commercial and residential carpet cleaning to make sure your carpet is clean for either your home or business. Regular cleaning and maintenance is an essential task to keep your carpet lovely and long lasting. Especially for a business. A fine looking carpet can send a statement of professionalism and even warmth to visitors to your office and place of business. First we start with a pre-inspection to see what needs to be done. Next we pre condition the carpet to get dirt, soil and other materials loose for better extraction. We use steam cleaning and low moisture encapsulation to clean gently clean & rinse your carpet. The process won’t leave your carpet soaking wet. It will be a little damp with the fibers open & able to breathe. For the final step we will walk through to find surviving stains or spots for treatment.

For upholstery, we offer spot & stain removal, including pet urine, and both steam or dry cleaning for chairs and sofas to keep them pristine and remove harmful allergens and bacteria. We clean sofas made from leather, linen, cotton and wool and even perform leather sofa revival.


DEFINITE CLEAN Window Cleaning is committed to helping you look your best. Whether it’s your home or business, your windows are one of the first things a visitor notices. But the benefits for the occupants go beyond simple aesthetics. Increasing the penetration of natural light promotes both a healthier and more inviting environment for employees and visitors. When considering the image you are projecting, don’t overlook your windows.
Clean windows provide a more attractive appearance for potential clients or customers, and create a more pleasant environment for employees. Most business owners are aware how much the elements, including weather, insects, birds, traffic, and even pedestrians can affect the appearance of their windows. In addition, dust and smoke can rapidly build up on the inside of the glass.

Whatever your type of property, we provide a professional, reliable and efficient commercial window cleaning service to suit.

We have many clients including

  • houses,
  • shops,
  • offices,
  • hotels,
  • gymnasiums,
  • industrial units,
  • pubs,
  • clubs,
  • restaurants,
  • schools,
  • and many more.

Here at DEFINITE CLEAN we recommend you have your windows cleaned every 4 weeks. In our experience this is the optimum frequency in terms of keeping your window clean all year round as well as getting the best value for money. We find having offered weekly , every 2 weekly and every 4 weekly cleans but is that 4 weekly is the preferred option of our customers. However if you live in a high traffic area or otherwise would like your windows cleaning more regular the standard weekly option is available.


Take advantage of our time-tested handyman London services when you need a little help with home repairs and property maintenance. DEFINITE CLEAN Handyman is here to tackle your to-do list for you. This way you can be sure the job is done right and you don’t have to waste your free time. Just give us a call today and explain what’s the situation. Soon an expert tradesman will be on his way to your address to render you assistance with whatever you need.

A Wide Range Of Handyman Services in London
When it comes to handyman services, Londoners all around the capital know they can always trust us with their home improvement projects. DEFINITE CLEAN Handyman services have professionals with more than ten years of experience to guarantee the good standard and high quality service to you. A single phone call is all it takes. We will complete any repairs and improvements your property needs in accordance to your specific requirements. We can help you with anything related to:

Electrical Work
TV mounting and installation
Furniture assembly service
Plumbing and Drainage
Painting and Decorating
Refurbishment and Renovation Services
ANY ODD JOB you can think of