We’re driven by innovation, and as a result offer different service lines in United Kingdom
Operating throughout the countries, England, Scotland and Wales, enables the company to use continental knowledge and share best practice.
Our services can be delivered individually or as part of a more complex contract, integrated and customised to give our clients the best solution for their needs.
We offer any or all of the following services, please see individual links for more information.


DEFINITE CLEAN can be your number one choice for carpet cleaning. We also handle rugs and upholstery. We offer a full range of cleaning services to keep your looking beautiful while giving you the best customer care in the industry.

We provide both commercial and residential carpet cleaning to make sure your carpet is clean for either your home or business. Regular cleaning and maintenance is an essential task to keep your carpet lovely and long lasting. Especially for a business. A fine looking carpet can send a statement of professionalism and even warmth to visitors to your office and place of business. First we start with a pre-inspection to see what needs to be done. Next we pre condition the carpet to get dirt, soil and other materials loose for better extraction. We use steam cleaning and low moisture encapsulation to clean gently clean & rinse your carpet. The process won’t leave your carpet soaking wet. It will be a little damp with the fibers open & able to breathe. For the final step we will walk through to find surviving stains or spots for treatment.

For upholstery, we offer spot & stain removal, including pet urine, and both steam or dry cleaning for chairs and sofas to keep them pristine and remove harmful allergens and bacteria. We clean sofas made from leather, linen, cotton and wool and even perform leather sofa revival.


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