At DEFINITE CLEAN, we aim to provide top quality, efficient cleaning services to domestic and commercial properties within the United Kingdom. We are keen to meet our clients’ home and office cleaning needs at as reasonable a cost as possible and have put together a set of reasonable, competitive prices for cleaning services – both in domestic and commercial settings.

We are delighted to offer potential customers a free, no-obligation quote for cleaning your residential or business premises. If you let us know what you need doing, how much and how often, we will work out an online cleaning quote and get back to you within xx hours.

Call us on 020 3856 3617 today for a free quote, or fill in the online form below with your contact details and information about the job or jobs that you need doing . We will get back to you within hours with a free, no obligation quote.


To request a free no obligation quotation please call us on 020 3856 3617 or complete and submit the form below.